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The Xarelto lawsuit attorneys at NGK Law have been investigating and handling cases involving anticoagulants such as Xarelto for numerous years.  The Xarelto attorneys at NGK Law were the Liasion counsel for the entire Pradaxa Lawsuit MDL.  Pradaxa is an anticoagulant that is nearly identical to Xarelto.  As Liasion Counsel, our Xarelto attorneys acted as a liaison between the Pradaxa MDL court and the litigation for the entire Pradaxa MDL.  Our Xarelto attorneys were instrumental in obtaining the $650,000,000.00 settlement in the Pradaxa lawsuit.  The Pradaxa MDL had over 4,000 lawsuits filed in it, and the Xarelto attorneys at NGK Law assisted in administering the entire Pradaxa MDL litigation.  As a result, our Xarelto lawsuit attorneys are intricately familiar with the handling and resolution of cases involving bleeding after taking anticoagulants, such as Xarelto.

In NGK Law’s role as the liaison counsel for the Pradaxa MDL, our Xarelto attorneys were able to understand the risk of Pradaxa bleeding events, and can now correlate those to the Xarelto bleeding events.  The Xarelto attorneys at NGK Law have experience with cases such as Xarelto injuries and Xarelto bleeding events, and likewise will be able to apply this knowledge to the handling of Xarelto lawsuits.  NGK Law’s Xarelto attorneys are familiar with the entire process of Xarelto lawsuits.
The Xarelto attorneys at NGK Law have successfully coordinated the litigation for thousands of injured plaintiffs in litigations such as the Pradaxa MDL and the Yaz birth control MDL, and can do the same for you as well.  With our Xarelto attorneys’ deep understanding and knowledge of anticoagulants’ harmful side effects causing serious bleeding injuries, including Xarelto deaths and Xarelto bleeding events, we will be able to give you the best course of action on your Xarelto lawsuit and work towards achieving a favorable result for you.  We are able to inform you about the pros and cons of pursuing a Xarelto lawsuit and able to inform you about the best way in which your Xarelto lawsuit should be handled.  The Xarelto lawyers at NGK Law will answer your questions as the Xarelto litigation progresses and help answer any questions you may have regarding Xarelto lawsuits.

The Xarelto lawsuit attorneys at NGK Law look forward to speaking with you regarding the qualifications for your Xarelto lawsuit.  Please contact the experienced Xarelto attorneys at NGK Law today at (314) 241-1919 to discuss your options.